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The database of the Automated Similarity Judgment Program (ASJP) aims to contain 40-item word lists of all the world's languages. A lexical distance can be obtained by comparing the word lists, which is useful, for instance, for classifying a language group and for inferring its age of divergence. Click the Help link for further instructions, and for more background visit Wikipedia.

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Wichmann, Søren, André Müller, Annkathrin Wett, Viveka Velupillai, Julia Bischoffberger, Cecil H. Brown, Eric W. Holman, Sebastian Sauppe, Zarina Molochieva, Pamela Brown, Harald Hammarström, Oleg Belyaev, Johann-Mattis List, Dik Bakker, Dmitry Egorov, Matthias Urban, Robert Mailhammer, Agustina Carrizo, Matthew S. Dryer, Evgenia Korovina, David Beck, Helen Geyer, Patience Epps, Anthony Grant, and Pilar Valenzuela. 2013. The ASJP Database (version 16).

Wordlists 6895
Distinct Ethnologue families242
Distinct Glottolog families 380
Distinct ISO 639-3 languages4401
Missing ISO 639-3 languages (from Ethnologue 17) 3156